Real Estate Industry

Assurance Services

Investors in entities that own and operate multiple properties often don’t have direct access to operational and accounting information in those investments.  Rather, they rely on the competence and integrity of the property manager and the financial reports they provide.  Our assurance services provide a rational and reliable means for the investor to quickly gain confidence in the property manager.

Internal controls – Maher Accountancy advisory services includes evaluating existing financial controls and accounting procedures, designing improvements, and assisting with the implementation of systems to minimize control risk and gain maximum assurance that all financial transactions are controlled, properly accounted for, and reported completely.

Audits of financial statements – The audit is designed to provide the highest level of assurance that financial statements are free of material misstatements and fairly present the financial position and results of operations.  In order to be able to reach that conclusion, Maher Accountancy aggressively executes our profession’s auditing principles and performs procedures beyond the minimums required.  We have little tolerance for error and none for fraud – if we see it we will report it.  We are proud our auditing systems regularly undergo peer review and those reports are available upon request.

Special procedures – When a circumstance arises for which an audit is not the best solution, we can work with you to design procedures to address special risks or concerns.